Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Grace=unmerited favor
I've been a Christian for a long time.  Most of my life.  I didn't always walk right, but I knew the Truth, and eventually I let the Truth set me free (because God can set you free, but you choose to carry around the chains anyway).  Something long-time Christians may struggle with is thinking all they do for Christ proves to Him how righteous they are.  (Righteous=right in God's eyes) 

My epiphany for this week is that God's grace, given to me by Jesus, makes me righteous.  Not what I do.  Oh, I knew this all along.  I knew I was saved by grace and not works.  I've taken college classes on being sanctified and justified, and I knew what they meant.  But somewhere along the line, I started feeling like all I DO shows what I AM to God. 

And here's the thing:  I am still right in God's eyes even if I'm not teaching a class;  I'm right in God's eyes even if my husband isn't the Praise and Worship leader;  I'm right in God's eyes even if we drop all our responsibilities at our church and walk away.  What I DO does not make me what I AM to God.  (***Goosebumps***)  It's what HE did.


  1. It is the most lovely epiphany a girl can have right there! welcome to GRACE! It looks so good on you! love this. don't know how i missed your blog before? but I am here now. always love to peek in on fellow grace writers. love ya girl. enjoy the journey.

  2. Grace is precious to me.... it truly is by grace alone.