Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We are so close to finishing up school.  We've doubled our daily work to catch up.  I don't know HOW we got so far behind!!  We are now reading The First Four Years, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Our science for today was studying hail.  We learned how hail is formed in layer in the upper parts of storm clouds because the water droplet freezes, starts to fall, is swept upwards again, adding layer after layer. The temperature at the top of a 20,000 ft. storm cloud would be -25ºF today because it was around 85ºF on the ground, and the temperature falls 5.5ºF for every 1000 ft. increase in elevation.  
How wonderful to be surprised with a timely demonstration by nature!  Within ten minutes of searching the internet for pictures of hailstones, we got hit with a "hum-dinger" of a hailstorm!  It hailed hard and long.  Here's a picture of the largest piece I saw on the deck and was brave enough to go out to get.  You can see hints of the layers.  Love the irregular edges.

I think this is a science lesson the girls will remember for a long while!

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  1. not every school can say that God is so smitten with them that he sends them a hail storm in the middle of their science lesson on hail. I love it. :)