Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've been a Christian for many years.  Most of my life.  And in those years, I've had times of trouble with obedience.  I've even argued with God.  My latest disagreement with Him was about being called to lead our Children's Ministries--a position that didn't even exist. 

I had many legitimate reasons for not doing it.  After all, I'm a busy mom of 6, homeschooling my family.  Three and a half years ago, God pulled me out of my ministry positions, only allowing me to gradually pick up a couple--a light load.  And I needed that!  Doing this would make no sense!

Many times, I've heard fellow Christians say, "God wants us to use common sense."  I may have said it myself.  A couple months ago this phrase triggered that still, small voice saying, "Really?"

My mind began to wander through the Bible stories; the stories I've been told, I've read myself, and I've taught to others.  I was looking for God wanting His children to use common sense. 

Wander with me through the Old and New Testaments as we look for God's use of common sense.

*  God told Noah to build a big boat in a land that had no bodies of water and had never seen rain.

*  God told Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice--the son that would fulfill God's promise to multiply Abraham's descendants to outnumber the stars.

*  God called Moses--the man with the stutter--to be His spokesman to Pharoah.

*  God told Joshua to lead his people around Jericho and destroy the walls with a shout.

*  God informed Gideon that his army of 22,000 was too big to fight the Midianites.  He only needed 300 men.

*  When fighting a giant, forget the army or strongmen--send a young boy with a slingshot.

*  God unraveled a plot to exterminate the Jewish race by placing a Jewish girl as Queen to a self-centered King.

*  God sent a baby to a poor virgin girl to save the world.

*  Dipping seven times in a dirty river can cure leprosy.

*  Spit in the dirt; the mud will open blind eyes.

*  If someone treats you badly, return it with love.

I cannot find any example of God saying, "My people, who are called by my name, shall use common sense."  Wrack your brain; can you?

In fact, you can almost test God's will by it not following common sense!

Are you facing a decision?  Do you see an open door of ministry and wonder if God really wants you?  Do you doubt that you could possibly do what God is asking you to do?  Does common sense say you should stay in your pew and keep your mouth shut?  Ah ha!  God is calling you!  And like Moses, if God calls you, He will equip you.  Step out in faith with me.

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