Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am a...

I am a poop-cleaning machine.  Apparently. 

I came home from a quick run to the feed mill to find Luke greeting me at the door--naked as usual.  "I got poop all over me!" he announced proudly.  All over him, the toilet...Big brother had discovered it, but was too grossed out to handle it.  Can't blame him!

Our 11 month old puppy Molly sleeps with us now.  She is a decent bed-mate.  Much better than Killian, who ate up as much of the bed as Bill and I put together.  Molly is just a warm spot usually located somewhere around my knees.

Last night she went up to bed before us.  And when I went in the girls' room to make sure everyone was covered up, there was Molly looking at me from the foot of their bed.  She looked kind of guilty, and rolled submissively to her back.  Hmm.  She didn't follow me to bed, so I shut her in the girls' room.  That way she doesn't get into any middle-of-the-night trouble. 

Trouble...I stepped in her "trouble" when I walked into my dark room in my bare feet, no contacts in!  No wonder she looked so guilty and submissive!  No wonder she didn't want to sleep in my bed!  The foul creature!!  

Luke, just minutes ago, comes to me for toilet help.  He was already poopy, but needed to do more.  Not too big of a mess, and he was helpful in the cleaning process.  Then he tells me he did the rest of the deed up in the girls' room! I will be leaving the computer shortly to clean up that mess. 

Where were his panties, you ask?  He is very into freeing himself often to do his "nakey dance."  I leave him fully dressed, return minutes later to find him in his birthday suit.  I think he's my youngest stripper. 

Thank the Lord I know from previous experience that this is phase, and I will live through it!  And maybe Luke and Molly will, too!

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