Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, I'm tired.  I'm tired from our two-day trip to Kalahari.  Lots of standing in lines, standing in ankle-deep water, standing around the game room...and carrying Luke who was nursing an inflamed miniscus.  (That's the Swedish word for "sore knee from running and falling on the floor.")  So, instead of coming home and starting my pile of laundry, I decided to repaint the dining room! 

The plan was to sleep in this morning, then get up, buy some paint and get to work.  What really happened was Luke woke up at 8 a.m.; that is not "sleeping in."  Then a friend texted me to remind me of our scheduled playdate at 11 a.m.  As I was hustling three kids into coats, she texted me that 11:30 would be better.  Since we were coated-up already, we might as well run to Walmart!  Then to friend's house, then to Lowe's to get paint, then back to friend's house to get the girls.  I grabbed some lunch, and started washing walls while the older kids started moving "stuff" out of my way. 

I suggested, in a motherly tone of voice, that the kids pack the "stuff" into boxes.  The kids, with kid-ly ignoring of Mom, piled as much as possible on the dining room table.  Then the computer desk, three bookcases, a baker's rack (and a partridge in a pear tree) were all pulled away from the walls.  I tried to move the computer desk before William finished clearing some things off of it.  I discovered the tabletop of the desk is not attached to the base.  I didn't realize this until I lifted the tabletop, dropped it, discovered a chunk of my finger was in the now-nonexistent space between the two, then yanked without re-lifting the tabletop.  Fortunately, the pain quickly turns to numbness.  Unfortunately, it doesn't stay numb nearly long enough. 

Since I brought the can of paint home, with it's little splotch on the lid to show the color, Sarah had pronounced the new color as being ugly.  Nice.  We love ugly walls in the dining room.  It may be ugly to her, but it will match the wallpaper we bought for the room four or five years ago.  As I started painting over the Antique White (boy, have we bought a lot of Antique White in our married life) I kept thinking, "apricot."  Sarah said, "ugly."  When I started rolling it on, I got the strange feeling I was rolling liquid foundation on someone's huge, flat face.  Hmm, Honey Beige foundation.  The actual name of it is "Coral Gable Bittmore Mediterranean Caramel."  Check it out at Lowe's.  If I can't find the right shade of Avon foundation for you, this might just work!


  1. sounds like you had quite the day!! :D

  2. Who gets paid to make up paint color names?! I want this job because apparently you don't have to really have any notion of the color you're naming...our nursery was originally painted in "Tea Biscuit" as one of the colors (hint, it's not brown!) and the kids' current bedroom is "Happy Camper Green" which at least mentions a color in the title...but seems like half the samples we looked at all had names like "holiday road" and "windsor haze" or "Shangri La" and "Embarcadero"...silly me...I just like blues and greens! LOL